Patients are RAVING about our Xeomin Challenge!

Dr. Park was amazing! Xeomin is the way to go. 

Diana Kirichkow.

Amazing product, injections were very painless and I’m seeing results 4 days after. These results are far better than what I've achieved with other neurotoxins. I'm a huge fan!

Chelsey Forrest.

I did it. So great! Took 3 days to work.

Brandy Thornton.

I am just amazed! I have plenty of flaws...but wrinkles are not one of them.  Thank you so much, I broke out crying because I feel like this has literally changed my life!  I don’t look tired anymore, I’m so happy!  I highly recommend Xeomin to anyone! 

Teresa L

I went to this challenge in LA and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone was so sweet. I was surprised because no one tried to upsell me tons of stuff and………this is the first time something worked!! I haven’t had any luck with Botulinum Toxin [sic] around my eyes but Xeomin worked great

Jan Haley-Soule

My face looks neater and streamlined, the difference is crazy! I'M ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED!

Ava Herrera


All Medical Professional injectors are physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants with qualified experience. 

Through us, over 240,000 units of Xeomin sold through the Xeomin Challenge.
Through us, almost 1000 syringes of Versa Dermal Filler sold through the Versa Challenge.
So, we definitely have EXPERIENCE.

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