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Chat with our startup consultant or with another practitioner who did.

You’ve always wanted to open your own aesthetic practice, but you need…

Medical director (not anyone, but someon you trust)
Business knowledge (how do you open a new business?)
Money (don’t you need startup capital?)

We’ll guide you step by step.

  • Qualified medical directors for patient guidance
  • Complete A to Z startup support to open your own aesthetic practice*
  • Zero startup cost to open your doors**

*A to Z includes procedure training, sales training, assistance in acquiring a location, website, social media, advertisement, inventory, scheduling, software, and discounts with major aesthetic vendors.

** Zero cost to startup, but all other expenses are shared and deducted from the gross income. You will keep majority of your patient earnings.

How to get started?


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Get answers after speaking with our startup consultant.



Get to know each other and decide on location, menu of service, pricing and more.



Supplies, products, website, marketing and more support to start ASAP.

We are seeking physicians, nurse practitioners or physician assistants with THREE YEARS of aesthetic experience to start on your own journey to financial freedom.